Increase the stability of high-speed body or the passage of complex road conditions

- Aug 01, 2018-

Generally speaking, the vehicle with the air-adjustable suspension will be equipped with a ground-distance distance sensor in the vicinity of the front and rear wheels. According to the output signal of the ground-distance sensor, the driving computer will judge the change of the vehicle height and then control the air compressor. And the exhaust valve, the spring is automatically compressed or extended, thereby reducing or increasing the ground clearance of the chassis to increase the stability of high-speed body or the passage of complex road conditions.

In daily adjustments, there are several states of air suspension. 1. Maintain the status. When the vehicle is lifted by the lifter and leaves the ground, the air suspension system will close the relevant solenoid valve, and the computer will remember the height of the vehicle, so that the vehicle will maintain its original height after landing: 2. The normal state, that is, the engine running state. During the driving process, if the height of the vehicle changes beyond a certain range, the air suspension system will adjust the height of the vehicle at intervals: 3. Awakening state. When the air suspension system is awakened by the remote control key, the door switch or the trunk lid switch, the system checks the height of the vehicle through the body level sensor. If the height of the car is below a certain height, the tank will provide pressure to raise the car to normal height. At the same time, the air suspension can adjust the softness of the shock absorber, including soft state, normal and hard state (also marked as comfortable, normal, sports, etc.), the driver can control through the control button inside the car .

Of course, compared with the traditional suspension, because the air-type adjustable suspension structure is more complicated, the probability and frequency of failure will be higher than that of the coil spring suspension system, and air is used as the power source for adjusting the height of the chassis, and the sealing of the relevant components is also One problem, in addition, if the chassis height is adjusted frequently, it may cause local overheating of the air pump system, which will greatly shorten the service life of the air pump. Of course, with the continuous improvement of the technical level, many problems have been solved well, and at the same time, the models used are more and more extensive.