It’s very beneficial to keep the car running smoothly

- Jul 31, 2018-

The models of the motor (motor) on the four-wheel drive are all flat-type 130 (domestic-oriented type 131). The selection of materials for the motor is different, and the manufacturing cost and work performance vary greatly. The magnetic steel (stator) of the high-quality motor is made of rare earth alloy material, the magnetic field strength is 10 times higher than that of the ordinary magnet; the rotor is also made of low reluctance alloy. This type of motor operates with high torque, high speed and power saving (no-load speed is 26,000 rpm). But the purchase price is also higher. Nowadays, there are many brands of electric motors of this type, and the advantages and disadvantages are mixed. It is very necessary for the driver to select the motor. Under normal circumstances, we do not have test instruments in our hands. When selecting, we can compare the magnetic field strength of the motor magnetic steel and the method of test drive motor bearing to see whether the operation is flexible or not, to judge the performance of the motor.

Since the four-wheel drive is changing the direction of travel on the track by the interaction between the front bumper (bumper, faucet) and the rear bumper (phoenix tail) and the rail (lane) wall, can the car change? High-speed and smooth driving is closely related to the reasonable assembly and adjustment of various components such as faucets and phoenix tails:

1. After the guide wheel of the faucet and the phoenix is installed (including the middle wing and the anti-roll bar), the more flexible the rotation, the smaller the forward resistance of the four-wheel drive and the faster the speed. In order to reduce the rotational resistance of the guide wheel, an appropriate amount of grease (butter) can be added between each guide wheel and the shaft.

2. The edge of the guide wheel should be smooth and smooth to reduce the forward resistance of the car. It is worth mentioning that the apron guide wheel set on the Audi 4WD is very beneficial to reduce the forward resistance of the car and keep the car running smoothly.

3. When the four-wheel drive enters the curve at high speed, it will generate a large centrifugal force and act on the rail wall through the front, middle and rear bumpers and the guide wheel. At this time, a buffer is needed, especially the faucet and the phoenix tail must have sufficient supporting strength (in the event of deformation, a "speeding" accident will occur). Due to the weak design of the original bumper of the car, it is necessary to add a faucet and a phoenix attachment to the car. In particular, the faucet attachment has a certain downtilt angle (about 5 to 10 degrees) due to its guide wheel preset, which makes the racing car at high speed more stable.

In addition, on the Audi four-wheel drive phoenix attachment, added a new feature - anti-flying brakes. However, this function should not be used when racing on a track without a circular fork (such as the lightning dragon track) (you can remove the brakes).

After the four-wheel drive entered China, it attracted great attention because of its interest and strong hands. Especially because of his appearance simulation and fast driving speed, he is very popular among teenagers. Since 1996, China has had a formal four-wheel drive race. So far, more than 30 provinces and cities have carried out various forms of four-wheel drive competitions or corresponding activities, which are very popular among 4WD enthusiasts.