High Volumetric Efficiency And Fast Increase In Number Of Revolutions

- Aug 01, 2018-

The engine is the core part of the engine, so it is customary to use the engine as the engine. The main component of the engine is the cylinder, which is also the source of power for the entire car. In the strict sense, the earliest engine in the world was invented by a British scientist in 1680. In the writing of the game, the engine refers to the main program used to control all game functions.

The main part of the engine is the cylinder, which is the source of power for the entire car.

The cylinder includes a cylinder block, an intake port, an oil hole, an air outlet, a piston, and a spark plug (gasoline engine).

The cylinder injects gasoline and air through the air inlet and the oil hole, and mixes well in the cylinder. When the spark plug ignites the mixture, the mixture violently explodes and burns, pushing the piston downward and generating power. At the same time, the huge pressure of the explosive gas also pushes the air outlet of the check valve to exhaust the exhaust gas. Then, the residual exhaust gas in the cylinder gradually becomes cold, the air pressure becomes lower, and the atmospheric pressure outside the cylinder pushes the piston upward to prepare for the next explosion. This is the simple principle. It is also used as a term for IT. It refers to a packaged function library that is convenient for others to call, such as search engines, graphics engines, physics engines, and so on.

A simple engine with no exhaust flaps. It has high volumetric efficiency and fast rises, but its torque and horsepower output vary considerably, so it is not suitable for vehicles and trucks that require stable torque and horsepower to cope with large road changes. Another reason not applicable is the strict exhaust restrictions (EU 3 and EU 4), which are not suitable for other vehicles based on the inaccuracy of the combustion process. It is suitable for ships because the vessel does not accelerate and stop for a short period of time, so the engine speed is maintained and a certain horsepower output is maintained. It is suitable for motorcycles because of its light weight and high volumetric efficiency.