Improve Engine Reliability And Durability

- Aug 01, 2018-

When the engine is working, each moving part acts on another part with a certain force, and a high-speed relative motion occurs. With relative motion, the surface of the part must generate friction and accelerate wear. Therefore, in order to reduce wear, reduce frictional resistance, and extend service life, there must be a lubrication system on the engine.

The function of the lubrication system is to continuously deliver a sufficient amount of clean oil with sufficient temperature to the friction surface of all transmission parts while the engine is working, and form an oil film between the friction surfaces to achieve liquid friction, thereby reducing frictional resistance and reducing Power consumption, reduce wear and tear of the machine, in order to improve the reliability and durability of the engine. The lubrication methods include pressure lubrication, splash lubrication and grease lubrication. The engine has four strokes of intake, compression, work and exhaust. In the work stroke, the crank-link mechanism converts the reciprocating motion of the piston into the rotary motion of the crankshaft, and outputs power externally. In the other three strokes, due to inertia The action in turn transforms the rotational motion of the crankshaft into a reciprocating linear motion of the piston. In general, a crank-and-link mechanism is a mechanism by which an engine generates and transmits power. It converts the heat generated by the combustion of the fuel into mechanical energy.

1. The throttle adopts electronic control device, also known as E-GAS electronic throttle. This control device can uniformly coordinate and reasonably manage the instantaneous requirements of engine torque and output power under various working conditions of the vehicle, such as driver's acceleration, overtaking, starting air conditioning. In this way, the operating state of the engine at each operating point is always in the optimal range, which can meet the requirements of low emission and low fuel consumption, and optimize the driving performance of the whole vehicle.

2. Improve the arrangement position of the engine intake system, which can effectively reduce the intake air temperature of the engine and increase the intake density, so that the engine can output more power on the basis of the increase of the charging efficiency. The specific improvement is to arrange the intake pipe of the engine on the left side of the engine front end module and above the cooling water tank.

3. In order to improve the anti-corrosion ability of the cooling water tank and prolong the service life of the water tank, the cooling water tank fins arranged in the front end module of the engine are covered with plastic.

4. In order to prevent the engine oil pan from colliding with the uneven bottom surface and causing damage to the engine, a metal shield can be optionally installed under the oil pan.

5, in order to effectively insulate, sound insulation, and isolation, so that it does not pass into the passenger compartment to affect the ride comfort, POLO car installed an insulation shield plate in the exhaust pipe.