Improve Ride Comfort

- Jul 31, 2018-

After a century of development, it was only used in trucks, buses, cars and railway cars in the 1950s. At present, almost all foreign advanced buses use air suspension, and the proportion of heavy-duty trucks using air suspension has reached more than 80%. The application of air suspension in light-duty vehicles is also rapidly increasing. Some cars are also gradually installed with air suspension, such as Lincoln in the United States. The use of air suspension is almost the only option for some special vehicles (such as instrument vehicles, ambulances, special military vehicles and container trucks that require height regulation).

The development of foreign automotive air suspension has experienced a variation of "plate spring → airbag composite suspension → passive full air suspension → active full air suspension (ie ECAS electronically controlled air suspension system)". The active air suspension system uses an electronic control system to greatly improve the performance of the traditional air suspension system. The vehicle can achieve active adjustment and active control under various road conditions and various working conditions, and adds a lot of assistance. Features (such as troubleshooting functions, etc.). At present, the ECAS system has been widely used in buses in some countries in Europe. With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for car comfort are getting higher and higher. It is foreseeable that ECAS is an advanced air suspension system on the car. Applications will become more and more popular.

The car suspension is a flexible device for connecting the frame and the axle in the car. It is generally composed of elastic components, guiding mechanisms, shock absorbers, etc. The main task is to alleviate the impact transmitted from the uneven road surface to the frame to improve the comfort of the ride.