Improve The Driving Stability Of The Car

- Jul 31, 2018-

Suspension is a general term for all force transmission devices between a frame (or a load-bearing body) of a car and an axle (or a wheel), and its function is to transmit a force and a force twist acting between the wheel and the frame, and Buffer the impact force transmitted from the uneven road to the frame or the body, and reduce the vibration caused by it to ensure that the car can ride smoothly.

Suspension is an important assembly in a car that elastically links the frame to the wheel and is related to the various uses of the car. From the outside, the car suspension is composed of only some rods, cylinders and springs, but don't think it is very simple. On the contrary, the car suspension is a car assembly that is difficult to achieve perfect requirements, because the suspension is both To meet the comfort requirements of the car, it must meet the requirements of its handling stability, and these two aspects are opposite each other. For example, in order to achieve good comfort, it is necessary to greatly buffer the vibration of the car, so that the spring is designed to be softer, but the spring is soft, but it is easy for the car to brake "nod", accelerate "head up" and serious left and right roll. The tendency is not conducive to the steering of the car, and it is easy to cause unstable operation of the car.

The independent suspension is such that the wheels on each side are individually suspended from the frame or under the body by an elastic suspension. The advantages are: light weight, reduced impact on the body, and improved ground adhesion of the wheel; softer springs with less stiffness can be used to improve the comfort of the car; the engine position can be lowered, and the center of gravity of the car is also reduced, thereby Improve the driving stability of the car; the left and right wheels are individually beating and irrelevant, which can reduce the tilt and vibration of the car body. However, the independent suspension has the disadvantages of complicated structure, high cost and inconvenient maintenance. Modern cars are mostly independent suspensions. According to their different structural forms, independent suspensions can be divided into cross-arm type, trailing arm type, multi-link type, candle type and MacPherson suspension.