Light Weight, Reducing The Impact On The Body

- Aug 01, 2018-

The independent suspension system is such that the wheels on each side are individually suspended under the frame or body by an elastic suspension system. Modern cars mostly use independent suspension systems. According to their different structural forms, independent suspension systems can be divided into cross-arm type, trailing arm type, multi-link type, candle type and McPherson suspension system.

Independent suspension, that is, the left and right wheels are not connected to a rigid axle, but each is connected to the vehicle body through connecting rods and springs. It is a separate road. When any one wheel is impacted by the road surface, it will not affect another wheel. Operation. This type of suspension has better elasticity, absorbs road vibrations, and is stable at high speeds. Due to the lack of connecting shafts, the height of the engine and cab can be reduced, and the compartment and trunk space can be increased. Most cars use independent suspension.

The advantages of independent suspension are: light weight, reduced impact on the body and improved ground adhesion of the wheel; softer springs with less stiffness to improve the comfort of the car; lower engine position and lower car center of gravity In order to improve the driving stability of the car; the left and right wheels are separately beating and irrelevant, which can reduce the inclination and vibration of the vehicle body. However, the independent suspension system has the disadvantages of complicated structure, high cost and inconvenient maintenance, and at the same time, due to the complicated structure, it will occupy some space in the car.