Rich In Resources And Low Emission Pollution

- Aug 01, 2018-

The advantages of natural gas, including abundant resources, low emissions and low prices, are increasingly valued and considered to be a very promising fuel. Most people use natural gas as the world's third largest energy source after coal and oil. , playing an increasingly important role. Its main component is methane, which is a gaseous fuel that can be thoroughly mixed with air. Therefore, it has almost no particulate emissions after combustion, and the amount of CO produced after combustion is also small. Compared with other fossil fuels, it is mined, Production, storage, transportation, use, etc. produce the least amount of pollutants in the whole life cycle, so natural gas is also called "clean fuel".

Since the advent of natural gas engines in the early part of the last century, natural gas engine technology has matured over the past 80 years. At present, most natural gas engines are modified from existing diesel or gasoline engine models. In addition, due to the wide range of applications of natural gas engines, the technical level is quite different.

Although the development of natural gas engines in China is relatively fast, there is still a big gap between the overall technology and the advanced level of foreign countries, which hinders the independent research and development and wider promotion of natural gas engines in China.

In recent years, well-known engine manufacturers, consulting companies and research institutes have carried out a large number of theories on the combustion and emission characteristics of natural gas engines, supply systems and control, lean combustion technology, natural gas injection technology and natural gas diesel dual fuel engine technology. Experimental Research.