Timely Correct Adjustment And Cleaning

- Aug 01, 2018-

Dropping water from a car exhaust pipe is a good phenomenon. Prove that your car engine is fully burned, and the exhaust pipe of the car will drip out. This is actually a normal phenomenon, nothing to do with the exhaust pipe.

The reason why the exhaust pipe is dripping is because carbon dioxide and water are generated after the car gasoline is completely burned. When the water is high, the water is turned into water vapor. The water vapor is colorless and transparent at high temperature, but when the water is below 100°, the water vapor is It will condense into water. If the condensed water droplets are small and suspended in the air, the water vapor will appear as a white gas. However, when the temperature is low, the white smoke in the exhaust pipe is water vapor; if the condensed water droplets accumulate, It turned into water. The water droplets discharged from the exhaust pipe are the water vapor generated after the combustion of the gasoline, and the result of condensation in the exhaust pipe and the muffler is that when the ambient temperature is high, the water vapor has not been condensed and has been discharged. At lower temperatures, water vapor condenses into water droplets on the exhaust pipe wall and flows out with the exhaust gas. Such a phenomenon is relatively normal in most cars.

If there is a lot, it may be that the exhaust pipe has accumulated water. Therefore, it is recommended that you go to the store where you purchased it to change one. If you have a warranty, it is free.

1. When the cold car in winter is difficult to start, turn off the choke to start the engine. After the hot car, pay attention to open the choke valve in time. It is forbidden to drive at high speed for a long time under the condition that the choke valve is closed;

2. Ride-on vehicles (men's vehicles) are prohibited from installing windshields or other decorative items in front of the engine and muffler, which will affect the heat dissipation of the engine and muffler;

3. Do not drive for a long time with heavy load and low gear, which will cause damage to the engine and muffler;

4. Do not hold the throttle for a long time at high speed;

5. When the surface of the muffler is oily, the surface of the muffler will change its color to yellow, blue and so on. In addition, when the surface of the muffler is stuck with a lot of dirt such as dirt, please clean it in time to avoid affecting its heat dissipation;

6. When installing the muffler, pay attention to the muffler pad installed in place, and fasten it to prevent air leakage, affect the noise elimination effect and cause yellowing at the interface of the muffler;

7. Engine valve clearance and carburetor, air filter, etc. should be adjusted and cleaned in time according to the vehicle description. If the valve clearance is too small or the mixture is too rich or too thin, it will affect the combustion and affect the muffler. Causes discoloration.