Vehicle Comfort And Handling

- Aug 01, 2018-

Variable suspension means that the height or softness of the suspension can be changed manually or by the vehicle to adapt to the driving needs of different road surfaces.

The question about suspension is a factor that consumers are more concerned with because it directly affects the comfort and handling of the vehicle. However, with today's state of the art, ordinary spring suspension is difficult to achieve the best of both worlds. The variable suspension system was born in the process of people's constant pursuit of perfection in the automotive field. The function of the variable suspension is to automatically change the height/softness of the suspension by manual or vehicle to adapt to the driving needs of different roads.

With the development of electronic technology, a suspension control system with variable characteristics has appeared. It uses a large number of sensors to continuously monitor road conditions and analyze drivers such as braking, steering, and acceleration. The electro-hydraulic unit adjusts and monitors the pressure of the hydraulic system and controls the suspension system accordingly, constantly matching the road conditions and the driver's driving style, and automatically adjusting the height according to the speed and road conditions of the car.

The power amplifier delivers power to the motor in response to signals from the arithmetic controller, but even more amazing is that the amplifier can both deliver power to the linear electromagnetic motor and recover power from the motor. For example, when the suspension encounters a bump, the power stretches the motor and isolates the body from the tire. When bumped, the motor becomes a generator and begins to recover power from the amplifier, much like the current brake recovery system.