Work Should Be Done For Running-in And Lubrication

- Jul 31, 2018-

The four-wheel drive is simply a front-to-back differential four-wheel-drive car. Because the engine power is transmitted to four tires, the four wheels can be powered. When one of the two-wheel drive wheels is slipping, the other Driving the wheel will also lose power.

At this time, the car can not drive, if the car is four-wheel drive, then the other two wheels can still exert traction. Therefore, the four-wheel drive off-road performance is superior, in the wild hillsides, tidal flats, mud, deserts can also cope with the freedom (of course, also depends on the brand and quality of the car), this kind of hard-core style has been loved by many fans.

Some car owners bought the jeep and converted it into a four-wheel drive, including raising the chassis (increasing the ground clearance by about 7 cm), adding a turbo (boost), shock absorber spring (shockproof), winch (rescue), Ceiling lights, luggage racks, etc., as well as changing the air intake to the roof of the car to avoid the disaster of the top of the water, so that "transformation", off-road is more convenient. In the words of the player: "Jeep is wasted without modification!"

Playing in the wild, no police without red lights, no roads are naturally very comfortable, but the pitted road is a common problem, so it is very important to choose a car with strong and durable off-road performance.

First of all, we should do the work of running in and lubrication.

Secondly, the four bearings on the wheel are replaced by four ball bearings with inner holes and hexagonal ball bearings. The intermediate transfer gears are also equipped with ball bearings, which minimizes the resistance of the drive system. To further improve the performance, the drive shaft can be used. Switch to upgrade special parts.

Once again, the rubber ring runner with a downtilt on the faucet has a decisive effect. It is also the most impactful, so if possible, it should be replaced by a runner with a ball bearing in the middle, so that the rotation resistance is minimized.